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Q1 What is the student ratio of Japanese to foreigners and boys to girls?   A This number fluctuates year to year, but counting the returnee students with the foreigners brings the Japanese to foreign student average to about 50-50. Boys to girls ratio is also around 50-50.
Q2 What are the language requirements for admission?
How much language ability is required of the parents? 
  A Students are permitted to enroll as long as they can speak either Japanese or English. Parents are not required to have a certain level of language proficiency.
Q3 If a student enrolls in KIUA, will he / she become bilingual?   A Each student has a different language learning ability. At KIUA, students are exposed to English on a daily basis, so therefore it is quite natural for students to learn English. However, the fluency they attain varies from student to student.
Q4 What do students do after completion of high school?   A A high percentage of KIUA graduates go to the United States for university. Students who desire to go to Japanese university often take the Japanese equivalent of the GED exam. (Technically, it is not necessary for KIUA students to take this exam, but many universities, due to their lack of understanding, request this type of high school completion certification.)>>schedule a visit, click here
Q5 Are transfer students accepted?   A In principle, for grades 1 - 5, we admit new students only at the beginning of the school year. As space permits, we accept middle school and high school students at any time.
Q6 Is it possible to observe classes?   A You are most welcome to set up an appointment and visit classes. We will provide you with whatever information you would like to have at that time.
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Q7 Do students commute long distances to come to KIUA?   A A majority of KIUA students live in Kyoto. However, others come from Osaka, Nara, Hyogo and Shiga. Elementary school students are encouraged to ride the KIUA school bus from Shin Tanabe station.>>access, click here
Q8 Does KIUA provide lunch?   A We do not provide lunch. Students are asked to bring their own lunches or they can get lunch through a catering service by requesting a lunch at the school office.
Q9 Is there a school playground?   A KIUA, despite being a small school, has 3 fields. Additionally, there is a small playground with play equipment behind the A building for lower elementary school students. KIUA rents local sports fields and a gym for sports such as softball, basketball and other sports.
Q10 Is there a PTA?   A There is no PTA at this present time. However, we place great emphasis on the relationship between parents and the school. We are presently considering what type of organization would best suit our school.

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