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Middle School

School is not only about completing assignments.
Students must take responsibility to do research and begin to understand issues.

Students learn the necessity of taking the initiative in order to complete schoolwork.

Students gain an awareness about various issues while researching projects and preparing presentations

Students learn to develop relationships with teachers and others in their community.

Number of class hours per week      1 class hour = 45 minutes

  Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8
Math 5 5 5
Science 5 5 5
Social Studies 5 5 5
English 8 7 5
Japanese 5 5 5
Art 2 1 1
Music 0 1 1
Physical Education 2 2 2
Computer 2 2 2
  Total 32 32 32

Middle School Student Interview

At KIUA we interact with students of different
ages and we teach each other!

Grade 9 Kokoro Harii

I am best at math. As I get older, my math gets harder, but at KIUA we all get along well and I can ask students older than me for help. On the other hand, I can help students younger than me when it comes to school festival preparation. Helping them and seeing their excitement makes me happy!