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School President - Peter Blocksom

Grade 11 Homeroom, Bible (HS), Math (MS), Political Science(HS)

Education is exciting, knowledge and wisdom are captivating. When students fall asleep during class --it is not the student's fault but rather the teachers. As a teacher I believe my role is to motivate the students to inspire them to do all that they can be.


Principal - Haroldo Simoes

Grade 9 Homeroom, Art (MS/HS), Physical Education (ES)

I want to help and encourage my students to enjoy what they are learning and get a true sense of accomplishment and satisfaction from what they learn and do. That is at the heart of being a good steward of what has been entrusted to us.


Vice Principal - Steve Rohrer

Grade 5 Homeroom, English (ES), Math (ES) Social Studies (ES), Literature (HS)

Above all, I want my students to know that God made them and God loves them, so they are very special and valuable people, and God has an important and meaningful plan for their lives. Every student has unique gifts, talents, and abilities. I want to help each student to develop those abilities, starting from where they are right now, and use them for good and meaningful purposes.


Mizuho Ishida

Grade 8 Homeroom, Japanese (MS / HS), English (MS / HS)

My hope for my students is that they will learn not only how to do well in tests but also how to live in Christ.


Wilbert Quintana

Computer (MS / HS)

My desire is to give the next generation of students tools for them to gain the ability to think by themselves and succeed in their lives.


Edi Wilson

Art (ES / MS)


Kaoru Ota

Grade 7 Homeroom, Japanese (MS / HS), Social Studies (MS)


Kami Alexander

Grade 4 Homeroom, English (ES)

Each of my students is unique and creative. As a language teacher, I want to give students the tools they need to communicate their God-given creativity and appreciate the ideas and creativity of others.


Gregg Hutton

Athletic Director

I believe that the students that come to KIU Academy are here because they and their parents believe that there is a definite difference between the education they receive here and what they could receive at another school. These students are each unique and have strengths and weaknesses that they bring to the classroom. My aim is to work together to strengthen them and provide them with opportunities to grow and mature.


Naomi Kusaki

Grade 1 Homeroom, English (ES), Japanese (ES), Math (ES)

In God's love and grace, my desire is to love, teach, learn and grow with my students.


Shinichi Goto

Grade 10 Homeroom, Bible (HS), Physical Education (MS), Social Studies (MS / HS), Geography (MS / HS)

The Bible says "Rejoice with those who rejoice. Weep with those who weep." This is my aim. I want to watch my students mature and grow therefore I want to spend a lot of time with them in and out of the classroom.


Ryu Sasaki

Grade 2 Homeroom, Japanese (ES), Math (ES), Physical Education (ES), Science (MS)

My aim is to create an environment where the students enjoy one another's individual differences and can use this as an opportunity to grow.


Yuki Takeji

Grade 6 Homeroom, Math (MS / HS), Japanese (MS), School Counselor


Thomas Berney

Grade 11 Homeroom, Bible (HS)
English (MS / HS), Physical Education (MS)


Todd Meyers

English (ES), Music (ES / MS / HS)

Through contact with good music and language I want to help students develop the habit of searching out the truth. I hope to help them see how this can be a foundation for all they do in the future.


Administrative Manager - Tony Barrera

Grade 6 Homeroom, English (MS), Social Studies (MS), Physical Education (HS)

My hope is that our students base their success on analytical thinking. To facilitate this process my students are taught to use worldly knowledge based on Godly wisdom.


Yoshiaki Harii

Grade 3 Homeroom, Math (ES), Physical Education (ES), Social Studies (ES), Science (ES)

I want the students to learn to express themselves fluently in two languages. I also hope that the students will take what they learn in the classroom and apply it to their lives. I want to watch over the students as they grow not only in their academics, but in character as well.


Kayoko Barrera

Japanese (MS / HS)

Each student at KIUA is important. I believe it is my duty as an instructor at KIUA to help each one find purpose and have a dream for the future. I want to help the students build a good foundation so that they can flourish as they mature.


Mark Wolter

English (ES), Social Studies (ES), Science (ES)

I long to help my students have the best education possible. I want them to be able to be able to think and create themselves as they interact with the great thoughts and ideas. I want them to be able to do this in a safe environment that is filled with love and respect for others.


Matthew Inglis

Science (MS / HS)


Yayoi Morikawa

English (ES)


Janne Rytkonen

Grade 12 Homeroom, Bible (HS), English (MS / HS), Geography (MS / HS), Social Studies (HS)

Each of my students has intrinsic value as a unique person created in the image of God, and I strive to recognize each student's individual talents, aspirations and needs.


Ewen Ebsworth

Math (ES), English (HS), Literature (HS)


Hiroshi Yokotani

Math (MS / HS), Science (MS / HS)

I want to love my students with the same love that God has for me. I want to build a loving community with my students.

At KIUA we are always looking for teachers
who will share our vision of teaching students based on Biblical principles.

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