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KIUA will deliver a bilingual education that goes beyond  proficiency in 2 languages. KIUA offers a practical bilingual education to both Japanese students and foreign students. 
We believe that we can best prepare students for life by educating them from a biblical perspective. With that foundation, students will be ready to form their own set of values and make wise decisions. 
Enrollment age: grades 1-12
There is no discrimination due to religious preference.

Accreditation: KIU Academy is fully accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), an organization whose accreditation is also recognized by the Ministry of Education in Japan. KIU has been recognized as a non-profit school "Kakushu-gakkou" by the Kyoto prefectural government since 2003. This recognition applies to KIUA High School.
Graduates of KIUA are recognized as students who have completed all the prerequisites necessary for college application.